Big Data Analytics: Remove false positives and negatives in minutes

Big data is everywhere throughout healthcare, from gene sequencing data to electronic medical records, and it’s hard to find the nuggets of vital information amongst all the data noise. GenoKey’s combinatorial data mining algorithms, running on standard computer Hardware, will cut through the complexity in minutes, finding patterns and correlations with a speed and accuracy unmatched by other tools currently available.

Data Mining for Discovery

Identifying sets of factors that are most associated with a specific outcome (e.g. SNPs associated with a disease, or patient genotype/phenotype/treatment combinations associated with an outcome).

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Build Effective Strategies

Combining predicitive factors with existing knowledge, e.g. known drug interactions, to understand what makes the best (i.e. safest, most effective…) solution available for each specific cohort.

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Optimize Best Practice

Scoring all the potential solutions in terms of efficacy vs. cost. The output can be run on a smartphone or tablet to put informed decision making based on best practice at the point of care.

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