A new generation of big data analytics is launched

June 20, 2012

GenoKey launches a major new version of its Array Based data analytics suite

Hørsholm, Denmark, 22 November 2010. GenoKey announces the release of a major new version of its Array Based data analytics technology, allowing customers to perform massive data mining, problem solving and optimization analyses on complex big data datasets. The key to the scalability, high performance and low operational cost of the technology is the efficiency of the basic mathematical array operations, which are highly optimized for parallel processing on multi-core CPUs and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).

“Our customers are delighted with this increased power,” said Gert L. Moeller, CEO GenoKey, “as it allows them to process significantly large problem spaces, in a much faster processing time, than any current method. This opens up opportunities for whole new classes of analysis that could simply not be considered to be tractable before, even with supercomputing resources. Our technology was already leading the market in processing large amounts of combinatorial problems, and now is even more compelling”.

GenoKey has demonstrated its technology on the combinatorial analysis of genome-wide association of SNP data samples, using populations of several thousand individuals and more than 500,000 SNPs. For each of these combinations the associated subgroup of individuals (cases or controls) can be deduced.

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