Case-control Study on Bipolar Disorder

June 20, 2012

Hørsholm, Denmark, 30 August 2011. The paper entitled “Combinations of SNPs Related to Signal Transduction in Bipolar Disorder” is now published by PloS ONE and available online at The paper describes the results of a joint research project between Danish and Norwegian universities and hospitals and with GenoKey delivering the software tools and technology for doing the combinatorial SNP analysis.

In this project, we analyzed 803 SNPs in 55 genes related to aspects of signal transmission and calculated all combinations of three genotypes from the 3×803 SNP genotypes for 1355 controls and 607 patients with bipolar disorder. Four clusters of patient-specific combinations were identified. Permutation tests indicated that some of these combinations might be related to bipolar disorder. An independent bipolar dataset from WTCCC (Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium) has been used for replication.

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