Solving Complex Problems at Scale

Traditional approaches to solving large scale constraint problems face a seemingly unsolvable paradox; complete resolution of all possible permutations of constraints is either impractically slow or memory consuming on standard hardware platforms for problems of real-world scale. GenoKey’s Array Based constraint resolution technology satisfies all of these seemingly contradictory requirements at the same time:

  • Scalability – Solving large-scale problems, i.e., logical models with thousands of variables and massive numbers of combinations
  • Completeness – Addressing all combinations of the entire state space to allow complete verification of the logical model
  • Compactness – Representing the entire solution space as a highly compressed set of nested arrays
  • Real-time capability – Running constraint-based applications on small computers such as smartphones and/or tablets
  • Embeddable – GenoKey’s Array Based engine can be used as a component in workflows or larger software applications

GenoKey employs a four stage process for problem solving applications (shown right). The problem is described and computed and all solutions are compiled into a highly compressed solution database. The solutions are verified and validated and can then be delivered as a very efficient runtime solution, even on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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