Delivering Best Practice to the Point of Care

GenoKey’s ambition is to help healthcare providers deliver best clinical practice at the point of care via smart medical devices.

As genotyping and companion diagnostics are used more widely in clinical care, determining the ‘best’ (safest, most effective, cheapest…) therapy for a given patient will become a massively complex task. Considering all the combinations of genomic risk factors, drug interactions and phenotypic influences and selecting the most appropriate therapy will be a Herculean task. We are working with our partners to provide tools to help clinicians make the best clinical decisions in the light of all the available knowledge.

Enabling Smart Medical Devices

GenoKey’s array-based logic approach was designed to allow complex decision making to be performed on mobile devices. It has been proven extensively in safety critical industries from the nuclear and railroad industries to electronics and configuration management.

GenoKey’s tools allow the output of the analysis to be compiled into a very highly compressed index (typically on a few KBs of size), which contains all of solutions found by the analysis. In use, GenoKey’s runtime engine only has to perform “table look ups” on these normalized nested arrays representing the complete solution space. This means that solutions to very complex problems can be identified in milliseconds on a low-power mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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