GenoKey approved for IBM Global Entrepreneur

July 03, 2012

IBM wants to team with entrepreneurs to build a smarter planet this is why GenoKey signed up for this program. Through their offerings, skills, and experience, IBM provides the roadmap, tools, and support to help GenoKey accelerate our evolution and growth. An IBM Project Resource Manager is now assigned to GenoKey to provide one-to-one guidance and support through our product development.

From the IBM Global Entrepreneur website:

We know that working together can drive change. With the world becoming more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, now is the time to use technology to address many of today’s societal challenges. We designed IBM Global Entrepreneur to help you build your startup business around the smarter planet market opportunity and to provide support and resources in the areas you need the most. IBM is uniquely positioned to help you because of the depth of our resources, global reach, and in-depth knowledge and experience with the world’s largest enterprise customers. Let’s work together to make our planet smarter.

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