GenoKey at the World Genome Data Analysis Summit 27-29/11/12

November 20, 2012

GenoKey is participating at the World Genome Data Analysis Summit 27-29 November, San Francisco.

From the World Genome Data Analysis Forum website:

Unlock the potential of sequencing through effective storage, transfer and interpretation of genomic data.

Have you cracked the data bottleneck?

You’ll know the cost of analysis can outweigh cost of sequencing by 10 to 1, which is a huge headache for anyone trying to actually understand genome information. Answering the fundamental challenges of how to effectively store, transfer and interpret sequencing data will be key to fully unlock the meaningful information contained inside the genome.

These challenges are universally recognized but as yet there are no clear cut answers as to how to overcome this expensive hurdle. Bringing together the world’s brightest minds in data analysis, the World Genome Data Analysis Summit will, for the first time ever, create a truly unique forum where these issues can be addressed.

Featuring cutting-edge case studies from the likes of Roche, BMS, Pfizer, GSK, Sanger Institute, Washington University and many others, you’ll gain access to the latest strategies to control, analyze and interpret your genomic data. Discover new software tools to help efficient transfer of large data volumes, uncover cloud storage solutions to manage data warehousing and hear the industry leaders explain how they’re managing to achieve effective high throughput analysis of their genome sequencing.

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