See what GenoKey is about

November 12, 2014

GenoKey has created a short movie clip to demonstrate its skills in big data crunching. In the clip, Hans-Christian Brahe Møller, GenoKey’s chair, highlights the capabilities of the technology and its potential to support the development of truly personalised medicine.

“Our technologies can be used by biotech and pharma companies to stratify patients and produce drugs that are focused on their genetic profile,” says Møller.

Next generation sequencing technologies mean the generation of vast amounts of data, but it’s not always easy to see the patterns within all the information. Looking at combination of different genome markers helps to provide a better and clearer answer, but the analysis can seem impossibly complex. The value of GenoKey’s technologies is the ability to analyse these huge volumes of data over and over again, pinpointing the important relationships between the markers, based on advanced mathematics and engineering.

Henrik Bygum Krarup, head of research and molecular diagnosis at Aalborg University Hospital says they generate huge volumes of data, and it would be interesting if GenoKey’s technology could make it easier to analyse this data.

“For the first time scientists would be able to use the vast quantities of genetic data that are being generated every day. The technology at GenoKey could help to find the important combinations of biomarkers that could answer the questions that researchers are asking,” says Møller.

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