Health 2.0 Copenhagen May 7, 2013: Big Data In Healthcare

April 11, 2013

GenoKey will participate in this year’s Health 2.0 Copenhagen event. The event main topic is Big Data In Healthcare. GenoKey’s CTO Dr. Gert L. Møller will have a Keynote at the event. From the Health 2.0 web-site: The topic for this Health 2.0 chapter event is: “Big Data in Healthcare”.  Together we want to integrate technology solutions on big data analytics and management to revolutionize healthcare and the lifescience industry.  Many times now, Health 2.0 has proven to be a strong community partner on a European and global  scale. To integrate Health 2.0 solutions into Denmark and Sweden we  need to get the right people on the same table.

For more information about the Health 2.0 Copenhagen event, visit: Health 2.0 Copenhagen

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