Hans-Christian Brahe Møller, Chairman

  • Professional and Certified Board Executive and serves in a number of informatics related businesses
  • Co-founder of North Securities, creator of Falck Sirius
  • Major shareholder and Board member of TARGIT Holding (BI)

Dr. Gert L. Møller, Chief Executive Officer, CTO

  • Pioneer of Array-Based Logic technology
  • Bang & Olufsen embedding Array-Based Logic in controllers
  • Co-founded Array Technology A/S in 1996 to exploit array-based applications in industry specific applications

Henrik Kristiansen, Business Development

  • Founder and MD of Hotcom Informatik (became Celenia)
  • Henrik serves on a number of Boards including Celenia Software, Conscensia and North Securities

Dr. Mette Søgaard, Chief Scientific Officer

  • DVM, Associate Professor, PhD

Dr. Steve Gardner, Product Management

  • Partner, Biolauncher Ltd
  • Steve has founded and served as CEO and CTO of a number of life science / healthcare informatics businesses
  • Former Worldwide Director of Research Informatics, Astra

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